Heartbreaks and Hangovers is “one of the best catalogs of music that I have heard in years” and “as perfect of a southern rock album that I’ve ever heard.” Seth Jones and the Upward

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Ghosts Of The South (Album Review)

Each song on this album is a separate story but part of a collective, a theme if you will. Like one of the lines from “Living For The Weekend”, “If you ain’t got friends, you ain’t got nothing.” It perfectly sums the importance of true friendship in a world where “friends” are counted with the click of a button.


Musically this is an album of two genres. Half beautiful swirling country rock, not dissimilar to those classic songs performed by the Eagles. The other half is a gritty fist pumping assault of southern rock, in the Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd style.

Songs like the opening track “Just Got Started Loving You", ”Tennessee", and “Veronica", are prime examples of what a good country rock song should sound like. Full of emotion with a story unfolding as you listen to a warm fulsome combination of music and lyrics.

Then when the rockin’ side of the band kicks in, fasten your seatbelts folks. It’s gonna get loud and proud with several helpings of prime southern rock. Songs like “Find my Way Gone“, “Living For The Weekend", and “Bye Bye Baby”.

Ghosts Of The South“ is a dedication to the memory of all those great’s of Southern Music who are with us no more. ”Ronnie Van Zant“ of Skynyrd, and “Danny Joe Brown” of Molly Hatchet come to mind.


With bands like Letters From Jett that legacy is in very safe hands.


The names may have changed, but the magic still remains.

Gerry Casey/Making A Scene

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“The songs are so damn good!” - The Rock River Times



Heartbreaks and Hangovers (2018)

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Ghosts Of The South (2020)


Letters From Jett

Based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Letters From Jett mixes 1 part Eagles, 1 part Skynyrd, and 1 part classic country with a little attitude to form the ultimate southern rock band. Having emerged from the ashes of other bands, LFJ’s individual band members have quite a long history of musical endeavors.
The band consists of singer Heath Molton, drummer (and Heath’s brother) Gunnar Molton, Luke Petersen on bass, and Trace Foster on guitar and keyboards. Their debut album,  Heartbreaks and Hangovers was made to enjoy from beginning to end, taking listeners on a southern rock journey they’ll want to take again and again. 


With the band’s second record Ghosts of the South (out Feb. 10th, 2020), they show they’re clicking on all cylinders. From the smooth country ballad “Lay me Down” to the guitar-fueled “Find my way Gone” the band has taken their brand of southern rock to another level. Producer/band guitarist Trace Foster explains: “We decided from the start that this was going to be a much bigger more in your face record, and we’ve achieved that and much, much more.”


Letters From Jett are currently crisscrossing the U.S., headlining shows, and opening for such bands as The Outlaws, Sister Hazel, America, Jefferson Starship, Melissa Etheridge, and Artimus Pyle Band.


Band Members

Heath Molton (Lead vocals, guitar) – Heath began his career in music behind a drum kit, even playing drums in a band in Nashville for a year and a half with Joe Don Rooney, who would later go on to Rascal Flatts. With his previous bands, Heath has charted several songs in the top twenty over the years.

Gunnar Molton (Drums, vocals) – Heath’s younger brother Gunnar has been a touring musician since he was 19. As the drummer for the Texas Hippie Coalition, Gunnar has played shows with the likes of Motley Crue, Black Stone Cherry, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and many, many more.

Luke Petersen (Bass, vocals) – Originally from Southern Michigan, Luke worked his way through the blues scene playing virtually every club in the central United States. Prior to joining Letters from Jett, Luke played in Bob Seger, Willie Nelson, and Jimmy Buffet tribute bands.

Trace Foster (Guitar, vocals) – Trace has had a successful music career to date, having worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Aerosmith, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, and Keith Urban, to name just a few. In addition to playing guitar on the album, Trace also produces the bands records.


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